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Decisions Have Been Made

So, you all must know by NOW that I've been having a really hard time coming back to this blogging life. I quit last year. I wanted to quit. I was HAPPY being quit. Until that asshat stole my content. But, from what I can tell, they haven't stolen much else. And tbh, I don't… Continue reading Decisions Have Been Made

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Beauty Things I Don’t Do Anymore

Time To Get Real One of the reasons I had originally "quit" beauty blogging -way back before some asshat decided to steal my old content and publish it as their own- was because I just wasn't fitting into the whole definition of a beauty blogger anymore. And you know what? I still don't HAHA. And… Continue reading Beauty Things I Don’t Do Anymore

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Hi I’m Back and What The Hell Am I Doing Here

Yo, dude! So, I've been MIA for the last couple of weeks and I apologize profusely. In my defense, it was 108F on the average whilst I was gone, moving Marky into another apartment in California. SIGH. Yeah, CALIFORNIA you guys, it's literally HELL on Earth lately, so don't tell me climate change is a… Continue reading Hi I’m Back and What The Hell Am I Doing Here