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Lipivir Aims To Make Cold Sores A Thing Of The Past

Lipivir Is The First Over-The-Counter Lip Gel To Reduce The Frequency Of Cold Sores

I get cold sores. A lot. Ever since I was a kid. I’m pretty sure in every elementary school picture of me I’m sporting a doozy of a cold sore on my lip. And no, you don’t grow out of getting cold sores. Last year I think I had a cold sore every month during the winter. It’s the worst thing when you’re a lipstick lover.  😦

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus 1, causing blisters on the lips which can also spread to the skin surrounding the mouth and nose. I’ve only had that happen to me once or twice in my lifetime, thank goodness. Those take FOREVER to heal. And as if a cold sore on your lips isn’t embarrassing enough, when they’re on your skin? Everyone asks you what happened-did you get hit? or fall down? It’s just so humiliating to explain what it is. Apparently 80% of the Canadian population has this evil virus, with 20-40% having regular outbreaks. And I’m one of them.

The virus is a sneaky little bastard, laying dormant in your nerve cells, hiding until it senses that you’re not at your best and then BOOM, it decides to have a party on your poor lips. There’s loads of things that trigger cold sores- stress, fatigue, sunlight, a cold or a fever, cold weather and wind, lip trauma that results in severe dryness and cracking, and of course hormone fluctuations like menstruation and menopause. All of those things have caused a cold sore outbreak for me. I’ve tried taking Lysine pills, but they didn’t make a difference. And I have a prescription to take, but the problem is that you need to apply the ointment as SOON as you feel the telltale TINGLE warning sign of the cold sore coming. And for me? That usually happens in my sleep, so I wake up with the blister already starting to form on my lips. And there are pills you can take that work the same way and shorten the duration of the sore, but they are really tough on your liver. So I don’t take them.

So, when Lipivir arrived at my desk, I was so excited and danced a happy dance all over the house, just like this:


What is Lipivir?

 photo SAM_6753.jpg

Lipivir is a prescription-free ointment mande of a mixture of polyethylene glycols that exhibit antiviral activity in large concentrations.  It interferes with the HSV-1 virus, preventing it from infecting the healthy cells in your lips. PEGs are safe, and usually used as fillers in skin creams. Applying Lipivir daily is a safety measure, so that when a cold sore trigger wakes up the virus, Lipivir is there to stop it from partying and infecting your lips. During clinical trials, 80% of cold sore sufferers experienced a reduction in cold sore outbreaks of 75-100%. This is MAJOR NEWS for someone like me.

 photo SAM_6756.jpg

I’ve been applying Lipivir twice daily as instructed. Once in the morning, and once at bed. You need just a tiny amount because the gel spreads quickly and easily. It doesn’t smell, but it’s a bit bitter if you happen to lick it, which is safe btw. You have to wait about 5 minutes before applying any skincare or makeup products. Lipivir will stay put under your makeup all day long, working hard at preventing cold sores. It doesn’t protect against sunlight though, so if that happens to be a trigger for you, it’d be a good idea to get yourself a lip balm with SPF in it.

I’m so freaking excited and happy that I finally have something to help me in the battle against cold sores! I’ll be using Lipivir all winter long to see if it really does help me out, and I’ll be sure to update you all on how many cold sores I’ve NOT gotten.  😉

Lipivir costs $26.99 and the 2 gram tube lasts 2 months. To find out more, visit and you can order it from AMAZON.CA.

Do you suffer from cold sores as well? 


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