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Beauty Things I Don’t Do Anymore

Time To Get Real

One of the reasons I had originally “quit” beauty blogging -way back before some asshat decided to steal my old content and publish it as their own- was because I just wasn’t fitting into the whole definition of a beauty blogger anymore. And you know what? I still don’t HAHA.

And here’s WHY.

1. I’m not obsessed with every new makeup release.

What’s a Fenty? That was my response when Marky(my daughter, in case you forgot haha) started talking about Fenty Beauty. I honestly had NO IDEA what she was talking about, until she explained it was Rhianna’s line of makeup being released. It was kind of a WOW moment for me and a huge realization: I now have no idea about new products at all until someone I know mentions it.

How did I do this?

2. I don’t really follow a lot of beauty blogs anymore: blogs, Instagram, or Twitter.

If I’ve unfollowed you on one of those platforms, please don’t be offended. It’s not personal, but I’ve found since I’ve detached myself from the beauty community, I have become un-obsessed. And less stressed out too. Ya, it can be stressful trying to keep up with every new piece of makeup that’s become a MUST HAVE according to everyone around you #bbloggerproblems

Removing all that beauty “noise” helped me a lot. And again, I’m sorry if I hurt you by unfollowing you, but it was for my own sanity.

3. Wearing less makeup

Since detaching myself from the beauty community, I’ve found I don’t have the want to wear so much makeup anymore. What I do for makeup most days, is just spot conceal any redness, and any spots. Sometimes I’ll use a powder to set it, sometimes I won’t.

I rarely wear a full face of foundation these days. If I reach for a foundation, I’ll use it ONLY where I need it-to cover up redness, or a spot. So, that means it has to be a foundation that’s pretty seamless and very skin like, and there’s not a lot of them to be honest. I’ve been going through my foundation stash, and when I’ve figured out the ones that are good for this? I’ll let you all know.

I never use a primer(they don’t really work, let’s get real here, which is the point of this post), and? I NEVER put concealer or foundation on or around my nose anymore. What for? That’s the first place that any makeup wears off, and most of the time my pores just eat it all away. I’m done trying to pretend that I don’t have any pores. I’m fucking 50 years old. My pores are here to stay. Time to love them 😀

4. I hardly wear eye makeup.

If you are a long-time reader, then you might remember how I used to get really bothered by eyeshadows and eye makeup removers. I’d get clogged tear ducts from them, that’s what I finally figured out. Probably because of all the testing and putting on stuff, and taking it all off to test something else… it really took a toll on my eyes. I think I now know why most popular bloggers just show swatches. They don’t want to put their eyes through the grief that I’ve experienced. So, I decided to stop wearing eyeshadows for the health of my eyes. Yup. Full stop. And you know what? That also helped in stopping the makeup obsession, because I wasn’t wanting every damn taupe eyeshadow I came across anymore.

I wear mascara still-not every day though. It depends on how my eyes feel that day, because I still suffer with the eye problems. Occasionally I’ll line my upper waterline with a black liner. And if I’m feeling fancy, I might use a bronzer to define my crease a little. But that’s only if I feel like dirtying an eyeshadow brush, and that isn’t often lemme tell you.

5. What’s a makeup brush?

Honestly, I just don’t give a rat’s ass about them. Never really have? I don’t own any Hakuhodoo(how the heck is it even spelled because I have no idea since I don’t own any LOL), any Wayne Goss brushes-any other fancy brushes-I just don’t care. Brushes always seemed like an expense that I just could never justify because I already have the best tools ever: my hands. I use my hands a lot now, and I really do think they are the best tools around. I’ll use a Beauty Blender too, because that is worth the money in my eyes. It does a great job of really pushing product into the skin, so that it LOOKS like skin. And it lasts a long time without breaking, like cheaper knock-offs do. Most of them last like a week and are in the garbage can after that. I can get my Beauty Blender(with proper washing) to last me 6 months, HIGH FIVE YA’LL. I still use a brush to apply powder bronzer and blush. And if I use a powder blush or bronzer, I’ll use a kabuki brush to blend and blend some more, to make sure that everything looks like it’s part of my skin.

6. I don’t watch YouTube Beauty “Gurus”

God, I just can’t anymore? Who the HECK has time for putting on all that makeup? All that concealer under the eyes, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME. And then powder it all too? Yeah…big NO from me. And then they wonder why it all creases too… give your head a shake ladies  :O

Most Youtube makeup is drag queen makeup in my eyes, and that’s fine for the stage, under lots of lights, for a few hours. But for walking around in daylight? Every day? It’s ridiculous. And all that damn highlighter…on every piece of bone on your face…WTF PEOPLE. The tip of your nose? Leave it the shit alone. You’re not Rudolph and Santa ain’t asking for your help tonight. Any night for a matter of fact.

7. I’m Old.

By beauty blogger standards, I am ancient. Most are under the age of 30. That was 20 years ago for me, when Smash Mouth was singing Walkin On The Sun, to put it into some kind of relatable context for some of you that aren’t close to my age.

Most products are meant for the 20-35ish year old user base, before any real wrinkles start to appear. And if you’re having real wrinkles appear before then, use sunscreen like I’ve told you to, for god’s sake. I’m way above that timeline now, and unfortunately, it’s the timeline that most beauty companies just don’t care about. As soon as I see visible glitter in any product, I run away. I don’t need any help to illuminate my wrinkles, and in turn, my age to all of those around me. And I don’t want to look like I’m “pretending” to be young either. I’m not fooling anyone anymore, and I don’t want people saying: look at that old lady with the glitter on her cheeks, doesn’t she realize she’s not 25 anymore?  Believe me, I KNOW I’m not 25. I feel it in my bones every morning I’m lucky enough to wake up and walk. And I’m fucking glad I’m not 25 right now, so thanks for asking. I’m quite content being 50 years old actually. It’s kind of weird.

So, yeah. I’ m not really sure what the point of this post was, other than maybe to say that if you’re here for reviews of all the new stuff, I’m not your blogger. But if you’re here for some truth, some snark, some fun? Then welcome the heck back!

Guys, I have a toothACHE. For like a week now. And I hate going to the dentist, like SO MUCH. But I went today. And $105 later, one x-ray and lots of poking with a sharp metal stick… my dentist…who is a REALLY NICE CHICK…found nothing. Yet, I still ache. Fuck my life. And my teeth.

So tell me-has anything changed about your makeup habits, addiction, loves? Share! 














12 thoughts on “Beauty Things I Don’t Do Anymore”

  1. As truthful as this post was, it was also funny, in a kinda snarky way and I love it. I feel quite inspired by this post actually. I started a new blog because I detatched myself from my old one (that spoke tons about makeup, the newest in trend and being first to get to Sephora when something new was released). Now, I barely wear makeup (work or out!) and I love it even more! Immediate subscbribe from me and I can’t wait to ready more! 🙂 xx – Kavi

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  2. I love your snark…
    But I disagree with not using primer.
    I find since having kids, I need moisturizer and primer so my skin feels like it is not a desert. Maybe I haven’t found the right moisturizer yet….
    Being 34, I still enjoy Sephora, but I am finding I go there to buy the brands I love and use instead of what is new and trendy.
    As for youtube tutorials, you are right on… Way too much makeup and time spent .
    I have to get 2 kids and myself ready in the morning so my routine, primer, foundation, 1 colour of eyeshadow, Mascara, bronzer, all done in 5 minutes.
    Still love your blog!!

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    1. Thank you! Sounds like your skin is really dehydrated and the thing is depending on what’s in your primer, it could be contributing to your dryness. A lot of them have loads of alcohols and silicones in them. Just a thought to consider, and yes a good moisturizer would make all the difference for you! I’m the same way when I go into Sephora, I’m there to just buy the things I use up, which is mostly skincare.


  3. You know I love your snark and your honesty. And heck, I’m a good ten years older than you. I am all about skincare more than makeup. Always have been. I love mascara, but lately my eyes feel weighed down when I wear it. Sad. So I will gladly follow along with you. Snark and all. ps. I always have a giggle at my weekly pilates class for us senior gals, when a few come in with full (and I mean FULL) makeup. Glitter included.

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Yeah, my eyes just hate makeup these days, so most days I don’t bother. I love mascara too, but I just can’t do it every day anymore. Maybe I just need to find us one that doesn’t bother our eyes! New goal 😉 And I know! When I used to go to Zumba, I couldn’t believe the people, and the instructors, with their full face of makeup including false lashes like WHY.


  4. Hey Tracy! I was a reader of your for YEARS. since 2010 I think?? But i have never commented, because I felt too shy ahah.

    You’re like the cool indian auntie we need in the community. You tell it like it is LOL!

    I am Canadian as well, (I’m also first nations!) And you were part of the inspiration to start my own beauty blog. You were also part of the reason I started wearing spf every day when I was 17!!! So thanks LOL.

    I’m so happy to see how far you’ve come, and how happy you seem!!! Thank you for being YOU.

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    1. WOW since 2010 Shannon and this is the first time you’re talking to me? GIRL. I feel like we’ve missed out now! And I’m so glad I inspired you to start a blog! That’s amazing! And makes me feel so proud! And I love being the cool Indian auntie haha! That’s prob the most awesome compliment I’ve ever gotten! HUGS DUDE!!!


  5. Tracy, You made me laugh….a real, honest doggone belly laugh! While I’ll always have a weakness for makeup (can’t help it; it’s in my DNA, I’m sure), and unless I’m going somewhere special, I actually prefer being makeup-free. One thing I will never skip, is my skin prep — nothing like well-moisturized skin, am I right? And WTF is going on with all these so-called beauty gurus on YouTube? Yes, they have great blending skills, but every single look is the same. The same. And boring AF. Plus, I will never understand the whole “highlight the tip of your nose” business; all the ‘real’ makeup artists I’ve ever spoken with are pretty horrified with that trend, let me tell you!

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    1. LOL thanks Eugenia! ❤ I just can't with all the makeup anymore. I really want to do a huge purge, because I use about 5 products now and the rest just sits there. And yes-skincare will always be my weakness as well! Although, I've been trying to do less with that as well, and you know what? It's helping to lessen redness. I think I've finally realized that less is more when it comes to beauty! Took me forever haha!


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