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Hi I’m Back and What The Hell Am I Doing Here

Yo, dude!

So, I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks and I apologize profusely. In my defense, it was 108F on the average whilst I was gone, moving Marky into another apartment in California. SIGH. Yeah, CALIFORNIA you guys, it’s literally HELL on Earth lately, so don’t tell me climate change is a joke. I witnessed 115F on our trip and that’s just way too hot, for California or for any place that’s not a fricken’ dessert in my eyes. It was 100F in San Francisco, and that? Just wasn’t right. It shouldn’t be that hot there.

So. Did I miss blogging during my absence? NOPE. Hate to disappoint, but the answer is no. TBH? I am struggling with what to write and show you all because I don’t really buy/or wear a lot of makeup these days, so nothing I want to write about seems relevant? I didn’t wear a stitch of makeup while in California. How do you wear makeup when it’s 108F? Nope. Not me. All I put on my face was sunscreen you guys.

But…does that matter? I want to know if it does or not? ‘Cause I ain’t about to go buying stuff like Fenty Beauty because I’m just not interested at all. I didn’t even know about the line until Marky told me all about it-that’s how detached I am from the makeup world these days. I just don’t wear a lot of it anymore, and my skin is HAPPIER ! Want to REALLY know what I’m doing this week? I’m making up my own “Fat Girl Camp” at home HAHAHA. See, I’m home alone, without a car until Thursday. And I was inspired by the TV show This Is Us when the character Kate goes to a Fat Camp. I’ve never been to one! But I think I’d like it a lot! And it would be good for me! But I don’t need to pay for one, I can do it on my own, so that’s what I am doing this week! IS that something you’d like to hear about?

So, yeah…let me know what you think. What should I write about? HELP. ME. Please!


9 thoughts on “Hi I’m Back and What The Hell Am I Doing Here”

  1. Yes, I would love to read about your DIY fat girl camp (and as always, I am interested in anything outside of beauty as well) πŸ™‚
    I still have to catch up to the last season of This Is Us. I feel ya on wearing no makeup on holidays, I would always pack stuff and never wear it. I MAY wear a tinted moisturizer if I am kind of red/pink in the face that day, but otherwise I am the same, just give me sunblock and I am happy.

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    1. Ok, you got it! Man, wait till I show you my breakfast this AM-I kind of outdid myself and it was so good, but now I want more LOL.
      I binged watched This Is Us last week and MAN it was so GOOD. And yeah, that’s all I wore on my face when it was so hot. I did bring some things, but never wore them. Honestly, the next time I go someplace, I just ain’t gonna bother. I’ll just bring sunblock and tinted moisturizer.


  2. Anything!!! I just like reading about your life.. Maybe I am a bit nosy. As for holiday makeup … for me. full face all the time.. But that may change as I get older.

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  3. I’d love to read about your DIY boot camp too. You have a way with words. Truly.Plus I love your sense of humour and like I have always said, your honesty. And any more tips on skincare is always appreciated.


  4. TRACY!! Oh man, it’s been forever. I was in and out of California for the last two months. Not the nice part, mind you, the Bakersfield part LOL. Though I really liked it there. Where I was at was the desert, so it was hot but dry and so it seemed more manageable. But honestly at one point I felt like I was in someone’s hair dryer. SO HOT. What do I want to hear from Tracy? Well skincare, for one! And whatever else, really. I love your writing style and I think I might be in love with you as a person, so I’d be happy hearing about what kind of tea you’re drinking. And I’d probably tell you my faves as well πŸ˜‰ Music and movies…. ok does it sound stalkerish?? LOL glad to see a few new posts I can get caught up with you on πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh, Tracy, how I missed you & your writing!! I’ve pulled back from all things beauty over the last year & a half or so. I’m much more into skincare these days. I’ve downsized my makeup stash several times of the last year or so. Passed things on to friends that are now enjoying it rather than it sitting in my drawer unused. On a good day, I’ll put on some color but most days it’s skincare, some tinted lip balm that actually moisturizes my lips & maybe a swipe of mascara. I’m totally down with more of life with Tracy rather than beauty stuff. I will always appreciate your take on anything beauty because I know you’ll always shoot me straight!

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    1. Hi Kristi!! So nice to hear from you! I see I’m not the only one who’s pulled back from makeup, which is great! Your daily routine sounds just like mine. And haha, deal! More Tracy thoughts for sure! Even if they are weird haha! πŸ˜‰


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