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For Beloved Girl Cloud Silk Masks

The iconic Taiwanese skincare brand For Beloved One recently introduced a new line called For Beloved Girl. For Beloved Girl was apparently created for millennial women wanting high-quality skincare that was affordable. Now, as a GenX woman I too want affordable high quality skincare. Heck, even if you’re a GenY I’m sure you want that as well. Baby Boomers too. And yes, I’m one of the few that believes there’s a GenY. Why anyone born in the 80s would be considered a millennial is bonkers to me.

ANYHOO, apparently younger consumers are all about buying the mid-priced masks because they’re considered trendy skincare right now. But, not every trendy mask out there is good for everyone’s individual skin type. Buying masks on a whim, or just because you see someone on IG using one is kind of the wrong way to go about selecting skincare, and it really bothers For Beloved One’s founder Margaret Wu. So, For Beloved Girl was born to cater to and educate young women about the ingredients in their skincare.

For Beloved Girl has developed 6 mineral masks that target the most common skincare concerns young women have, and I’ll tell ya this-when I showed this line of masks to Marky who will be 24 years old in a couple of weeks, she snatched them up real fast. I’ve never seen her move that fast HAHA. She’s an indoor kid being an animator, and if she moves too fast she tends to bang into a wall. 😛 True story. But, I’d say she’s an atypical millennial for many reasons. The one I’ll mention right now is that she doesn’t listen to any current music at all and her favourite song is Down Under by Men At Work. That fact alone should explain a lot about her. 😀

The packaging on these is pretty cool and will appeal if you’re a science-y type. Each box contains three masks and retails for $12.99 CAD. They can be found at T&T stores across Canada and online at as well.

 photo SAM_5930.jpg

These mineral masks use ‘cloud-silk’ technology. Crafted from top-grade cotton, each mask is transparent and invisible but nicely stretchy to face chubby cheeks like mine. 😉 The ultra-fine cotton fibres lock in more serum so that skin gets maximum benefit in one sitting. One of these masks has the equivalent of almost 2 bottles of mineral spring water.

For Beloved Girl Skin Renewal Mineral Could Silk Mask
 photo SAM_5931.jpg

This mask has Calcium Lactate to soften dead skin and help clean out pores. Clearer, more flawless skin is the result with regular use.

For Beloved Girl Puff Elimination Mineral Cloud Silk Mask
 photo SAM_5932.jpg

This mask fights the look of fatigue and puffy eyes with a dual skin-firming caffeine complex that helps eliminate fluid retention. Pottasium Chloride firms up and invigorates.

For Beloved Girl Active Resilience Youth Mineral Cloud Silk Mask
 photo SAM_5933.jpg

This mask helps with aging skin and fine lines using hydrolyzed soy protein to plump and smooth. Copper gluconate helps to stimulate newer and firmer skin.

For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud Silk Mask

 photo SAM_5934.jpg

Loads of Hyaluronic Acid will give your skin all day moisture, sodium PCA helps to sooth fatigued skin, and sodium lactate strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier. I love this one! It’s my fave. Yes, Marky let me have ONE to try.

For Beloved Girl Tea Tree Oil Control Mineral Cloud Silk Mask

 photo SAM_5935.jpg

Great for oily and combination skin, these contain zing gluconate to help regulate excess oil and restore hydro-lipid balance to skin. If you have acne prone, dehydrated skin these are for you! The Australian tee tree will help keep shine at bay too.

For Beloved Girl Flawless Brightening Mineral Cloud silk Mask
 photo SAM_5947.jpg

Marky’s personal fave of the bunch! Ferric citrate brightens and regulates skin for a natural rosy, luminous complexion. This mask will restore, hydrate, brighten, and repair dull skin in one use according to Marky. She loves them and has already finished off this box and is asking for another. She’s a skincare junkie, just like her mama! And it’s fine with me, since $12.99 for a box of three is not bad and won’t break the bank.

And now, how about some Men At Work in honour of Marky?

Do you love sheet masks? What are your faves? And have you checked out a T&T lately? It’s the place to go for sheet masks!


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