Kenzo World

A playful and dynamic fragrance…true to the KENZO spirit.

I don’t like doing perfume reviews. It’s the one thing that I just can’t write about-scents are so complicated and what smells good to me, might not smell good to you. And I’m not about to tell you a story about what Kenzo World makes me think of. Nope.

 photo SAM_5900.jpg

But, what sold me on telling you about Kenzo World? Three things.

  1. I like Kenzo fragrances. Always have, always will. In fact, Kenzo Flower was my first ever duty-free fragrance purchase. And I always have one on my dresser.
  2. The bottle is an eye! I mean, how cool is that?!
  3. THIS VIDEO by Spike Jonze. It’s unlike ANY fragrance video/commercial I’ve ever seen! You gotta watch it. Do it.

RIGHT? It’s freaking amazing. That’s actress Andy Macdowell’s(Groundhog Day) daughter btw. That girl has got mooooves! And you can also download the music if ya’ like. I did.

 photo SAM_5901.jpg

So what does Kenzo World smell like? Well, it’s an Amber Fruity Floral with notes of raspberry, peony, jasmine, and Ambroxan. And man, does it last! Seriously. I took a shower and I can STILL smell it on my arm where I tested it.

Kenzo World 1.5 oz will set you back $105 CDN, while the 2.5 oz is $125 CDN. I actually think this is a great fall fragrance. I love berry scents in the fall, but hey-maybe you like them now in the heat of summer. Get a sample at Sephora and let me know what ya’ think!


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